Make your own Christmas wreath

Make your own Christmas wreath

Make your own natural wreath from foraged materials for any time of year. Hang them on the wall or use as a table centre-piece. 




  • Willow or vines or other flexible branches for the structure 
  • Greenery or dried leaves 
  • Gum nut branches or other types of branches, depending on the look you’d like 
  • Herbs like rosemary or mint if you’d like a herb wreath, depending on the season 
  • Natural coloured string 
  • Scissors 




  • Forage and collect sufficient natural (and flexible) branches or vines. Try bending what you find, if it doesn’t snap, you can probably use it. A lot of Australian branches are quite brittle and dry, so it’s best to go for still green vines or willow. 
  • Forage and collect greenery, berries, gum nuts branches, grasses or anything you’d like to theme your wreath with. These don’t have to be totally flexible but they do need to be able to weave into the main structure. If it’s a totally stiff small branch, you can tie it on with a natural coloured string, and cover the join with a more flexible plant with leaves. 
  • If you like the dried leaves look on our wreath, you can pre-dry the plants you’d like to use by hanging them upside down until dry. We’ve used bay leaves. 
  • Start with your vines or willow branches and entwine together, twisting, into a circle, one a time, and fold the ends in together, weaving into each other so they don’t come apart. Note: if you have trouble holding them together, you can use a thin wire to hold them together. Depending on the shape and size you’d like to make your wreath, keeping weaving more vines or willow branches into the structure until you have the desired shape or thickness. About 3 is sufficient or you can add more if you’d like to. The lighter the frame, the more elegant the wreath will be. Adding more to the frame, means a stronger heavier wreath which needs more materials for dressing. 
  • Depending on whether you’d like a more natural look or a finished look, you can trim the ends of any branches that may be sticking out. 
  • Weave in your foraged leaves and twigs and grasses, ensuring they’re secure by pushing their branches into the structure. You can tie with natural string where necessary, just make sure you use other leaves or plant materials to cover the string.