DIY Chandeliers

DIY Chandeliers

Add some ambience to your outdoor space with a rustic DIY chandelier. Recycle a rusty old bicycle wheel and repurpose glass jars to create this attractive piece to set the mood for your next gathering of family and friends.


  • Old bicycle rim (with spokes removed)
  • Different sized glass jars
  • Twitch wire
  • Metal chain
  • Hanging wire
  • Pliers




  • Wrap twitch wire around the rim of the jars, twitch to join the end of the wire at one side, leaving a long end to create the handle.
  • Bring the wire over in a loop to make handle
  • Before you twitch the wire to secure the handle on the opposite side of the jar be sure to thread a length of chain on each handle, this will be used to hang the jar from the bike rim. 
  • From the twitch wire, make small S shaped hooks (one for each jar you are attaching)
  • Using the hanging wire, thread through the spoke holes on the bike rims and join at the top. (We used 3 lengths of wire evenly spaced around the wheel, so it hangs straight)
  • Depending how you’d like your chandelier to hang you can attach a sturdy hook directly to the joined hanging wire or add a length of chain, so it hangs lower.
  • Once the bike wheel is hanging, using your small handmade hooks, add the jars by hooking the chain to the spoke holes evenly around the wheel.
  • To complete the chandelier just add tea candles to each jar.