Mountainbrook is an off-grid small farm nestled in the foothills of the Mount Royal ranges. Our desire to live as simply and self-sufficiently as possible has been the foundation of our farm business. Striving for sustainability has naturally led us to approach farming holistically.

We use conscious and sustainable farming methods to produce high quality, 100% chemical & hormone free, nourishing food, and grow strong and healthy livestock. Whether purchasing livestock, meats or eggs from Mountainbrook you can know that all our animals have been loved and cared for, living a wonderful and happy life. 

Our livestock and poultry are completely free range and we mean free range – they wander our picturesque farmlands surrounded by nature all day every day, as they please. As well as feeding on the grass, they’re fed a healthy and varied diet tailored to their individual needs.

Mountainbrook Farm is home to cows, sheep & lambs, hens & meat birds, turkeys, guineafowls, and maremmas. Each animal has been introduced to the farm to play an important role in the ecosystem.